This Kid is Motivating!

This Kid is Motivating!

Have you seen this video by Kid President? Here, have a look:

A Pep Talk by Kid President is a light-hearted, wise and witty reflection on life. It somehow seems more impacting to have a child give the world a pep talk, doesn’t it? With highly enthusiastic appeal, Kid President challenges us all to do something meaningful and make the world better for each other because “we were made to be awesome.” Being awesome could be simple and refer to an everyday kind gesture or to more spectacular ideas that transform the world for the best.

Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the road less traveled. In the context of the Kid President video, Robert Frost’s poem reminded me of our work with the Children’s Prize. In the world of philanthropy, the Children’s Prize offers an alternative to donors and an opportunity to expand philanthropy to awesomeness (as stated by Kid President!). No, we’re not asking for donations. Instead, we’re asking for the best solution anywhere in the world! The Children’s Prize represents a model that empowers donors to act more directly and deliberately about  causes that they are passionate about.

Sure, the world is full of challenges and it is exactly for this reason that we need different and creative ways to energize the philanthropic base. The more charitable choices available to donors and people in general, perhaps the easier it may be to make more  awesome contributions as individuals.

After all, Kid President asks us all: how would you make the world awesome?



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