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Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival

The Children’s Prize recently hosted via a G+ Hangout Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival, with guests Jacqueline Cutts from Safe Mothers Safe Babies (SAFE) and Rachel Zaslow from Mother Health International (MHI). These two ladies shared heartfelt experiences from their time in Uganda which inspired their journey to pursue their current work in maternal and child health. Through compelling stories,…
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14 Ways to Show Love to your Child

Valentine’s Day  is a great opportunity to express, share, celebrate and show LOVE that we feel for those that touch our lives, especially our children. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics recently published 14 Ways to Show Love for Your Child This Valentine’s Day and Every Day. Here are some quick tips (or just reminders!) to…
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8 Ways to Share your Love for Kids #Hearts4Children

Our #Hearts4Children is inspired by Valentine’s Day, and is a way to celebrate love & share from the heart. This is a week-long celebration organized by The Children’s Prize. The goal is to raise awareness of the nearly 7 million children around the world who are not here today to celebrate LOVE and LIFE in…
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