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Simple Solutions: Kangaroo Mother Care

The first month of life is exceedingly important for the survival of infants. Almost 4 million newborns worldwide die in the first month of life, accounting for 41% of all under-five deaths globally. Many premature or low birth weight babies cannot maintain homeostasis and their core body temperature. In low resource settings incubators are often…
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International Women’s Day

In 1910 Clara Zetkin, Leader of the Women’s Office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany, presented the idea for an International Women’s Day while attending the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen. 100 women from over 17 countries attended the conference that year, the result was the unanimous approval of the establishment of such…
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What’s in a language?

Unlike Shakespeare perhaps you may ask, What’s in a language? Perhaps similar to Shakespeare you might say, that which we call a [language] by any other name would [still sound] as sweet. On International Mother Language Day, we honor mother tongues around the world. When interacting with children and adults in our surroundings language becomes…
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Innovative Philanthropy

“The Children’s Prize is not innovative in creating target products, but instead is innovative philanthropy; the Prize creates a holistic approach and follow-up that ensures a positive donor experience.” -John Oddy On the 24th of January in Miami Beach, Florida several of the Children’s Prize Judges gathered for a strategic workshop. With backgrounds in global health, entrepreneurship,…
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