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2015 Children’s Prize Round 1 Proposal Feedback

Dear Applicants: Many of you requested feedback on your round one proposal submission, and we would like to acknowledge your efforts. Although it is difficult to provide hundreds of applicants detailed and personalized feedback, we would like to take a moment and highlight the most common reasons why applications were unsuccessful in moving forward to…
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THE Study Guide: Intro to Evaluation Studies

  The Data for Life Prize aims to support scientific evaluation of efforts to save children’s lives in order to maximize effectiveness. For this prize, we ask applicants to design a scientific study to validate the success of their child mortality intervention in the most convincing way possible: cold, hard data.  Although evaluation tends to…
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$1 million Children’s Prize around the world! Who’s submitting?

**Please click the right arrow for all the details… With 38 days to go, the Children’s Prize has reached over 150 countries. We’re excited to have hundreds of proposals submitted from 45 countries as of April 24th! The top five countries submitting are: 1. Kenya 2. Uganda 3. India 4. United States 5. Nigeria Of…
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