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Families Matter: Global & Contemporary Insights

The International Day of Families provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families. The theme for 2015 is: Men in Charge? Gender Equality and Children’s Rights in Contemporary Families. Within the context of the development goals, this theme is…
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Midwife Feature: Innovative deployment of community-based portable ultrasounds

“These are women who usually deliver at home or in facilities that cannot take care of these problems. By knowing in advance about these concerns, they can plan to deliver in a facility with the right staff and equipment to help save their lives and those of their infants. As technology becomes more portable and…
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Assessment of WHO and UNICEF’s EVERY NEWBORN: An Action Plan To End Preventable Deaths

    The United Nation’s Every Woman Every Child movement has expanded their “Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed” Call to Action to target the most critical and impactful period of a child’s life: the neonatal period. The neonatal period refers to the first 28 days of a newborn’s life, a period in which…
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Neonatal Mortality Facts: Every year nearly 40% of all under-5 child deaths are among newborn infants

Did you know…? Every year nearly 40% of all under-5 child deaths are among newborn infants. Do you work in preventing neonatal mortality and have an idea that you’d like to implement to save newborn lives? Then, the $1 million Children’s Prize may be an opportunity worth your time! The neonatal period of infant development…
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