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Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival

The Children’s Prize recently hosted via a G+ Hangout Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival, with guests Jacqueline Cutts from Safe Mothers Safe Babies (SAFE) and Rachel Zaslow from Mother Health International (MHI). These two ladies shared heartfelt experiences from their time in Uganda which inspired their journey to pursue their current work in maternal and child health. Through compelling stories,…
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This Kid is Motivating!

Have you seen this video by Kid President? Here, have a look: A Pep Talk by Kid President is a light-hearted, wise and witty reflection on life. It somehow seems more impacting to have a child give the world a pep talk, doesn’t it? With highly enthusiastic appeal, Kid President challenges us all to do…
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Prizes Throughout Human History

Throughout human history, prizes have been used as incentives for past achievement recognition and for future motivation to improve outcomes and competitive efforts. Prizes offer a simple and effective way to invite people and organizations to offer solutions to the problems around us and fund the best one. These are concepts that we are familiar with…
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Pneumonia: the leading and forgotten child killer

Did you know that… Pneumonia kills more children under five worldwide than AIDS, malaria and measles combined? Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. It can be caused by a virus, bacteria or fungi. The greatest concentration of children affected live in poverty-stricken, developing regions where access to interventions is a major barrier. Pneumonia is considered…
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What happens when you click Apply Now for the Children’s Prize?

Does seeing the big Apply Now button seem daunting? Don’t worry…Applying to the Children’s Prize is easy and simple! Step 1: You start the process by clicking the Apply Now button on our website, as shown below. Step 2: You’ll be directed to the page below where you’ll be encouraged to review the Guidelines and Privacy Policy.  We also…
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