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What’s in a language?

Unlike Shakespeare perhaps you may ask, What’s in a language? Perhaps similar to Shakespeare you might say, that which we call a [language] by any other name would [still sound] as sweet. On International Mother Language Day, we honor mother tongues around the world. When interacting with children and adults in our surroundings language becomes…
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Happy Mother’s Day from the Children’s Prize!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Children’s Prize! Mothers across the globe share an unspoken and profound bond. The bond between mother and child. Women are the bearers of life and this Mother’s Day serves to remind us of the (human rights and maternal health) concerns that directly impact women, mothers. http://youtu.be/_tS5qQxmZSs http://youtu.be/LXmPHJWGbqE http://youtu.be/WtvzuLuQ1zg Video material…
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