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$1 Million Child Mortality Prize Announces Date Extension!

Applicants around the world seeking to win $1 million to save children’s lives from preventable causes now have until May 31, 2013, to submit their proposals. The Caplow Children’s Prize announced today that the deadline for submitting proposals has been extended. The new deadline provides additional time for applicants worldwide to submit their ideas in…
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Google+ Hangout On Air: Stories with Heart

On Feb. 14, 2013 at 2pm, the Children’s Prize will host Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival during a live broadcast via Google+ Hangout On Air. The Children’s Prize together with Rachel Zaslow (Mother Health International), Jacqueline Cutts (Safe Mothers Safe Babies) and Lorna Owens (Footprints Foundation) will share a candid dialogue about their commitment to…
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8 Ways to Share your Love for Kids #Hearts4Children

Our #Hearts4Children is inspired by Valentine’s Day, and is a way to celebrate love & share from the heart. This is a week-long celebration organized by The Children’s Prize. The goal is to raise awareness of the nearly 7 million children around the world who are not here today to celebrate LOVE and LIFE in…
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What is the Value of a Human Life?

 So, what value would you place on a year of human life? $50,000? Or maybe it’s $129,000?  An article in Time, citing research from Stanford Business School, used data on the health care industry to come up with these estimates. By observing which expensive medical procedures are covered and which are not, and collecting data…
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