Tag: Global Water Crisis

Clean water vs. Dirty water: Which one would you choose?

Many people think of water as unlimited, however it’s not, it’s a finite resource. Although 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water less than 3% is fresh water, and .08% is viable as water suitable for human and animal consumption, meaning that nearly 1 billion people go without clean water everyday. http://youtu.be/cpUI0jjR-_U Internationally…
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Have you heard about Deepika Kurup and her Solar-Powered Water Purifier?

http://youtu.be/a6kegkC7-oo There are a plethora of problems that plague the planet. Famine, disease, dirty water… After a visit to India, one young girl, Deepika Kurup, was inspired to find a solution to unsafe drinking water. “When on vacation in India, I witnessed the sight of children drinking dirty water from a stagnant pool. I instantly…
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