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$1 million Children’s Prize around the world! Who’s submitting?

**Please click the right arrow for all the details… With 38 days to go, the Children’s Prize has reached over 150 countries. We’re excited to have hundreds of proposals submitted from 45 countries as of April 24th! The top five countries submitting are: 1. Kenya 2. Uganda 3. India 4. United States 5. Nigeria Of…
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Prizes Throughout Human History

Throughout human history, prizes have been used as incentives for past achievement recognition and for future motivation to improve outcomes and competitive efforts. Prizes offer a simple and effective way to invite people and organizations to offer solutions to the problems around us and fund the best one. These are concepts that we are familiar with…
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Child Mortality & The Children’s Prize

The Children’s Prize is rooted in the fundamental belief that all children are equally deserving of life. “There are two sides to most issues, but there are not two sides to child mortality.  We can all agree that every little child deserves to live,” says prize creator Ted Caplow. Following the Millennium Summit in 2000, the…
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How does the Children’s Prize contest work?

It’s simple! The Children’s Prize is an Internet-based, global contest made up of two rounds. In the 1st round, called the Entry Form round, the contest is open to the public all over the world. That’s right! Anyone at all – whether an individual, a non-profit, a government entity or a commercial company – can…
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