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Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival

The Children’s Prize recently hosted via a G+ Hangout Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival, with guests Jacqueline Cutts from Safe Mothers Safe Babies (SAFE) and Rachel Zaslow from Mother Health International (MHI). These two ladies shared heartfelt experiences from their time in Uganda which inspired their journey to pursue their current work in maternal and child health. Through compelling stories,…
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Disney and Investing in Children

The recent announcement that blockbuster director JJ Abrams would be directing the next Star Wars movie for new owner Disney is a reminder of the titanic size of our investment, so to speak, in our children. But Star Wars is just one small spot of light in the Disney universe. Across all of its myriad…
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Foreign aid and private philanthropy

American foreign aid can be divided into government assistance and private philanthropy. In the United States, individual citizens give away almost as much money to impoverished regions of the world as our government does. According to the OECD,  foreign aid from the US government in 2011 totaled $31 billion. Private philanthropy is not precisely measured,…
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Philanthropy and Charities

According to Reuters, Americans give around $300 billion to charity each year. The vast majority of this total is spent on domestic causes; less than 10% is for foreign aid, according to Wikipedia. Philanthropy has become a major industry, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that there are well over one million charities in the…
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