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$1 Million World Challenge: 1st Round Highlights!

From January 14th to May 31st, the Children’s Prize asked the world a simple question: how many children’s lives can you save from preventable causes? The best answer will win $1 Million. In this video, we’ve compiled our 1st round highlights. There were 565 proposal submissions from 70 countries around he world. All of these…
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What does being a mother mean to you?

What does being a mother mean to you? As part of their #FirstMoments campaign, Save the Children and several celebrity moms that include Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly and Allyson Hannigan join with celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and moms worldwide to relate the thoughts they experienced prior to giving birth. Even with resources available to them,…
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$1 million Children’s Prize around the world! Who’s submitting?

**Please click the right arrow for all the details… With 38 days to go, the Children’s Prize has reached over 150 countries. We’re excited to have hundreds of proposals submitted from 45 countries as of April 24th! The top five countries submitting are: 1. Kenya 2. Uganda 3. India 4. United States 5. Nigeria Of…
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Spreading the word to save lives around the world

Through social media and targeted online listings, the Children’s Prize has reached people in 109 different countries with our offer to save lives. That figure is as of this morning. It’s a great start to our efforts to get the word out! However, penetration into the majority of the areas is very light, with only…
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