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Assessment of WHO and UNICEF’s EVERY NEWBORN: An Action Plan To End Preventable Deaths

    The United Nation’s Every Woman Every Child movement has expanded their “Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed” Call to Action to target the most critical and impactful period of a child’s life: the neonatal period. The neonatal period refers to the first 28 days of a newborn’s life, a period in which…
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Saving lives from accidental deaths

As the Children’s Prize approaches its last week, we’d like to highlight our mission of saving lives around the world, including from accidental deaths. According to CDC data from 2009, accidental deaths including motor vehicle accidents, suffocation, drowning, poisoning, fire/burns and falls account for the largest number of child deaths in the United States every…
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Pneumonia: the leading and forgotten child killer

Did you know that… Pneumonia kills more children under five worldwide than AIDS, malaria and measles combined? Pneumonia is an acute respiratory infection that affects the lungs. It can be caused by a virus, bacteria or fungi. The greatest concentration of children affected live in poverty-stricken, developing regions where access to interventions is a major barrier. Pneumonia is considered…
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Neonatal Mortality Facts: Every year nearly 40% of all under-5 child deaths are among newborn infants

Did you know…? Every year nearly 40% of all under-5 child deaths are among newborn infants. Do you work in preventing neonatal mortality and have an idea that you’d like to implement to save newborn lives? Then, the $1 million Children’s Prize may be an opportunity worth your time! The neonatal period of infant development…
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A Year in Review

What does it cost to save the lives of Children?  Children around the world faced incredible challenges in 2012 as a result of natural disasters and violent conflict. These situations leave already vulnerable children in an even more vulnerable predicament, threatening their protection and survival. In the video below, UNICEF shares their collective effort to…
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