8 Ways to Share your Love for Kids #Hearts4Children

8 Ways to Share your Love for Kids #Hearts4Children

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#Hearts4Children Children's Prize Valentines Day

Our #Hearts4Children is inspired by Valentine’s Day, and is a way to celebrate love & share from the heart. This is a week-long celebration organized by The Children’s Prize. The goal is to raise awareness of the nearly 7 million children around the world who are not here today to celebrate LOVE and LIFE in 2013.

You can also be a part of the campaign by becoming an ‘Agent of Love.’ Take a moment this week to cherish and celebrate all the little people that deeply touch our lives everyday! Join us, and remember that at some point you were a little person too.

Show and share your love:

1)     It’s easy! Simply be original & creative, tell us why you have #Hearts4Children.

2)     How will you celebrate love for children this Valentine’s Day? Share your story & pictures. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

3)     Now is the time to call your friends to action! Help raise awareness for a good cause and “Share” by spreading the love #Hearts4Children

For any additional information, please contact info@childrensprize.org

Children's Prize girl Valentine's red heart balloonThanks for getting involved with the ‘Hearts4Children’ Campaign. Here are 8 Ways to help get you started:

  1. Take heart pictures all over the world and share them #Hearts4Children
  2. Do you love children?  Then post how you express this love for Valentine’s Day#Hearts4Children
  3. Do you have a memorable quote, moment or saying by a child, share it with us! #Hearts4Children
  4. Did your child make you a Valentine’s gift at school? Take a picture & post it! #Hearts4Children
  5. What sweet candy will your child enjoy on this Valentine’s Day #Hearts4Children
  6. What’s the best song moment you’ve enjoyed with a child #Hearts4Children
  7. In memory of a child, express & share your love #Hearts4Children
  8. Join us, and get creative in how you show your #Hearts4Children


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