What happens when you click Apply Now for the Children’s Prize?

What happens when you click Apply Now for the Children’s Prize?

Does seeing the big Apply Now button seem daunting? Don’t worry…Applying to the Children’s Prize is easy and simple!

Step 1:

You start the process by clicking the Apply Now button on our website, as shown below.
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 4.02.52 PM

Step 2:

You’ll be directed to the page below where you’ll be encouraged to review the Guidelines and Privacy Policy.  We also suggest at this time that you also spend some time on reading the FAQ.

Children's Prize Start Page

Step 3:

Once you click the Start button in Step 2, you’ll begin the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire made up of 10 short – Yes or No – types of questions. The following question is an example:

Pre-Qualification Questionnaire Children's Prize

Step 4:

Once you’ve completed the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and it’s determined that you’re eligible to apply for the $1 million Children’s Prize, you’ll begin the Entry Form. Notice at the top, that the Entry Form has two tabs – Contact Information and Project Summary. In the Contact Information tab, you’ll be providing contact information and specifying if you’re submitting for the Children’s Prize as an Individual or an Organization.

children's prize contact information

Step 5:

Once you’ve completed the Contact Information tab, then you select the Project Summary tab. In the Project Summary tab, you’ll be providing details about your proposed project to save children’s lives. The information in this section includes Project name, location, description, etc.

children's prize project summary tab

Step 6:

Before submitting your Entry Form, make sure that read the statements below and understand the Guidelines and Privacy Policy.

i agree i disagree statements children's prize contest

**Please note that the Entry Form can be saved as a draft throughout this process; just click Save Draft at the bottom of the page. However, the information will not be submitted until you click Submit.


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