Children’s Prize Update

Children’s Prize Update

Hello from The Children’s Prize! We are dropping in to let you know that the Round 1 applications for the 2021 prize are underway and we are expecting to send invitations for the second round soon!

In the meantime, we’d like to share some updates on last years winner. During the first phase of the project, Dr. Jeannière Manegabe met with doctors and laboratory technicians in five different hospitals in the Panzi axis, Ciriri axis, Kavumu axis, Nantende axis, and Walungu axis to discuss the importance of the study and sign an agreement protocol of collaboration. The project teams were able to launch conferences in the hospitals to educate healthcare staff on meningitis, symtoms in children, and present them with the research protocol.

Dr. Manegabe is currently working on the first lab examinations and we are look forward to our next report.

Stay tuned!



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