The Children’s Prize is awarded to scientifically-minded individuals with a passion for global child health and a strong commitment to verify the impact of their work. Between 2013 and 2015, the Prize has awarded $1,350,000.00 to such individuals and organizations across the globe. Below, you can view the full list of all our winners.

2015 Winner

Carrie Jo Cain

Program Manager, World Hope International

Saving Lives at Birth in Sierra Leone with Newborn Resuscitation Training.

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2014 Winner

Dr. Joanne Katz

Johns Hopkins University

Community-based portable ultrasound to reduce intrapartum-related fetal and neonatal death.

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2014 Winner

Dr. Abdhalah Ziraba

African Population and Health Research Center

Averting preterm and underweight neonatal deaths using Community Kangaroo Mother Care.

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2013 Winner

Dr. Anita Zaidi

VITAL Pakistan

Perinatal Care and Primary Health Promotion Intervention Package.

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In 2014, two projects were selected as case studies to strengthen the development of a Prize focused on data and scientific proof, and more accurately determine the impact of funded work on child mortality. These case studies served as real-world scenarios to help us better understand what is lacking in terms of data collection and analysis, and how the Prize can be refined to best address those needs. Meet the selected case study recipients below.

Jaqueline Cutts

Safe Mothers Safe Babies

Reducing Child Mortality in the First 1,000 Days of Life through Improving the Three Delays.

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Lynn Cole

RISE International

Assessment of the effect of Water Supply on Child Morbidity.

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