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The Most Important Invention – the Toilet?

http://youtu.be/XDp8lTCz3Nw If someone were to ask you what the most important contribution to international health has been EVER, what would you say? Vaccines? Penicillin? Most people are surprised to learn that the invention that has saved the most lives since it’s inception is actually the toilet. Diarrhea is the second leading cause of death in…
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Have you heard about Deepika Kurup and her Solar-Powered Water Purifier?

http://youtu.be/a6kegkC7-oo There are a plethora of problems that plague the planet. Famine, disease, dirty water… After a visit to India, one young girl, Deepika Kurup, was inspired to find a solution to unsafe drinking water. “When on vacation in India, I witnessed the sight of children drinking dirty water from a stagnant pool. I instantly…
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Malaria in Miami? Shifting from global to local health.

As we briefly shift to local health, it was surprising to read about malaria cases in Miami. Miami-Dade has the largest foreign-born population in the United States, making it one of the most international communities. The diversity found in Miami-Dade is attributed not only to its foreign-born residents, but also to its tourists and visitors.…
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