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Google+ Hangout On Air: Stories with Heart

On Feb. 14, 2013 at 2pm, the Children’s Prize will host Stories with Heart: A Commitment to Child Survival during a live broadcast via Google+ Hangout On Air. The Children’s Prize together with Rachel Zaslow (Mother Health International), Jacqueline Cutts (Safe Mothers Safe Babies) and Lorna Owens (Footprints Foundation) will share a candid dialogue about their commitment to…
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Foreign aid and private philanthropy

American foreign aid can be divided into government assistance and private philanthropy. In the United States, individual citizens give away almost as much money to impoverished regions of the world as our government does. According to the OECD,  foreign aid from the US government in 2011 totaled $31 billion. Private philanthropy is not precisely measured,…
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