Month: June 2015

Newborn health in rural Nepal benefits from portable ultrasound donation

Sonosite’s portable ultrasound donation is providing life-saving health care to pregnant women and newborns in rural Nepal. Leading this project is Dr. Joanne Katz, Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. From over 200 project proposals received, Dr. Katz was selected as one of two…
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Driving for results: A Q&A with Dr. Anita Zaidi (part 2)

  In this two part interview, Dr. Zaidi, the 2013 Children’s Prize Winner, shares the latest from Rehri Goth, Pakistan. The first part of the Q&A can be found here.  Until you established VITAL, many women, following tradition, were having home births even if they needed medical interventions. How has the VITAL helped women who…
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Making a real difference: A Q&A with Dr. Anita Zaidi (part 1)

  The Children’s Prize team interviews the 2013 inaugural competition winner, Dr. Anita Zaidi, about implementing her million dollar life-saving project in Pakistan. It focuses on five key areas including antenatal care, skilled delivery, community care, nutrition and immunization. Read below to see how her results are leading to improved maternal and child health.  …
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